What are the Audit Services for Free zone Companies in Dubai, UAE?

Audit Services for Free zone Companies in Dubai, UAE

Several free zones based in UAE have different rules and regulations. The same is the case with the audit. The annual inspections also possess different rules for various companies in various free zones.

Audit in free zones

Companies that are enrolled in the free zones are directed to conduct their annual financial review annually. Companies can get help from auditing firms in Dafza, auditing firms in Jafza or auditing firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah UAE. Additionally, they ought to submit the financial reports after the audit when they have to renew their trade licenses. The standard reporting period of conducting the check is one year, but if a company wants any other reporting days, it can do so as well, but it should not be shorter than six months or more than that of 18 months.

Which Companies are required to Be Audited?

Companies established in the free zones do not significantly get audited. Free zone officials do not require companies to submit an audit report. But there are some forms of entities that have to deal with a mandatory audit of accounts, which adds free zone companies (FZCO) and free zone establishments (FZE).

It should be seen that even if free zone authorities do not require the submission of an audit report for certain companies, they should not overlook the fact that an audit report should be prepared for the company itself.

Maintain your business records directly from the start

Companies should maintain their records directly after their establishment in the UAE. They are recommended to do so because it carries a lot of benefits with itself. Having recorded all the transactions and business details play a huge part in the company during the audit periods. These records hold an accurate picture of the company so, not maintaining them may wreck the character of the company. Additionally, having the proper record may help the company in completing its annual audit in time and effectively.

Audit services in Dubai, UAE

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The Annual Audit for Dubai, UAE free zones: Mandatory

All the companies that are started in Dubai free zones must carry out the yearly audits within time because it has been declared mandatory for them. If any of the companies do not obey the laws of carrying out a decent audit will have to pay every financial penalty. So, in order to avoid all the sentences, you must assure to submit your annual audit report within time with no delay.

No Matter what kind of a company you maintain, the audit is mandatory, involving that of free zone establishments (FZE) and free zone companies (FZCO). For finalizing the checks, companies need to maintain their financial records.

Till when is the company recommended to maintain its records in Dubai, UAE?

In Dubai, UAE, the companies are required to maintain their records for no less than five years. Companies today in UAE’s mainland must carry out the audit properly on time. Even though for the mainland companies, an inspection is not a condition for license revision like that of free zones.

Preparation and Submission of the Audit is separate

Companies need to keep this in mind that preparing the audit reports and submitting them to the authorities are different things. Some free zones do not require to provide their audit reports for various companies, but this doesn’t imply that they do not even require to formulae the audit reports and make them. The waiver is solely for the submission and not for the preparation. So, the importance of developing the audit reports should never be neglected at any cost.

Maintaining financial records is very necessary for almost all types of companies in both free zones and the mainland. After the closing of the financial period of the companies, they usually have about three to six months in order to complete their audit reports and submit them to the authorities. In this case, the general assembly.

Other Benefits of Audit

There are some companies that take the help of auditing companies in Dubai to learn and get an idea regarding their performance. Due to the audit, the companies also make an idea regarding the areas which need more concentration from the companies.

Getting the audit services in Dubai, UAE, has become the need of the time. Several people outsource the function and for that purpose. The audit firms in the UAE are working day and night. They own the most qualified auditors who understand their job. They carry out the auditing responsibilities in an efficient manner while relieving the burden of the company to a great extent.

These auditors in Dubai, UAE have an excellent understanding of the rules and regulations related to audit services. That is why they are an outstanding choice for assigning all the stress of the audit. They know how to deal with all sorts of complexities, which makes things a lot easier for companies.

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