VAT Implementation Services

We assist companies of Dubai in implementing the VAT according to Federal Tax Authority standards including VAT registration, VAT refund, and its return. This ensures that your company is safeguarded from any penalties from FTA for non-compliance.

Implementing Value Added Tax (VAT) on your company products is a fairly complex process that can take up to weeks and months if not dealt with properly. Fortunately, our consultancy firms provide experts to do it for you in a manner that guarantees accuracy as well as efficiency. VAT is a compulsory tax that is liable on nearly all products in the consumer market, and not implementing it can result in legal action against your company.

To avoid this, we recommend professional help. As one of the leading consultancy firms in the country, we have years of experience implementing Value added tax for various organizations. To achieve a high level of accuracy in our work, our experts conduct an in-depth evaluation of your products, from the manufacturing stage to the deployment stage, and then provide an assessment of the VAT applicable on the products. To be in full conformity with the law, we recommend you work with us.


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