Liquidation of Companies

What is Liquidation?

Liquidation is a process by which a company is officially brought to an end. This is done by evaluating a company’s assets and liabilities and then selling/auctioning these off. There are two major forms of liquidation, namely voluntary and compulsory liquidation. Voluntary liquidation, as the name suggest is done by organizations whose shareholders make a unanimous decision to liquidate their company. The funds generated are then distributed among the shareholders. On the opposite end is compulsory liquidation, in which the company is forced to be liquidated. This is done usually in cases of bankruptcy. The funds generated by liquidation are utilized for paying off creditors. If any funds remain, they are dispensed to the shareholders.

Why choose us?

At Al Nasheet, we provide a broad range of liquidation solutions to ensure that the liquidation of your company is a smooth and efficient process. Whether it is a voluntary liquidation or a bankruptcy claim by the company, our liquidation consultants will provide detailed solutions to ensure maximum return for your assets. The liquidation procedures for a company are a rather complicated task and is best left to a professional accountant. Our team of liquidation consultants have voluminous expertise in this regard. Our company has a proven track record of successful liquidations. To establish optimality in the liquidation procedures, we follow a clear and systematic approach which ensures efficiency and accuracy. Apart from this, we possess a vast bundle of industry contacts. 

As a part of our liquidation services, we advertise your assets to these contacts, which has proven to be highly beneficial to most of our customers. Like all our practices, we make sure that the entire process is fully compliant with laws and regulations of the governing state. Having the liquidation process performed by a professional company like ours can assure the shareholders and concerned parties of a fair procedure. This is one of the biggest problems organizations face at the point of liquidation, where certain authorities attempt to commit fraud. Our practices ensure fair play, making these sort of illegal attempts obsolete. It’s precisely these reasons, why we are the best at what we do.


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