Internal Audit

At Al Nasheet, we believe in delivering high quality services that provide key information on company operations. Consistently performing internal audits can assist in evaluating the state of workflow in a company, and gives the company an insight on how these operations can be improved. Our team of experienced internal auditors perform a comprehensive check on company operations utilizing a risk based approach. By using state of the art auditing techniques coupled with top of the line financial tools at our disposal, we provide an in-depth report of company finances and operations. Our reports include:

  • Operational audits which assess current state of operations.
  • Risk assessment and management where we evaluate current and potential risks to the company.
  • Financial Operations audit which evaluates the current state of how finances are handled at your company.
  • Asset and Liability management which assesses and manages all assets and liabilities associated with the company.

Why Internal Audit is important?

Many companies find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to having an internal audit performed, confused with questions like “Is this company big enough?” or “Is this a waste of our limited resources?”. Internal audits provide crucial information that could potentially be a make or break factor for companies of any size. Internal audits provide an inclusive glimpse into the current state of affairs in a company, and not only helps in improving operational efficiency but also in isolating risks and safeguarding assets. Apart from this, an internal audit can ensure whether the company under consideration is operating in compliance with Laws and regulations of the governing state/country. This not only helps in maintaining your company image, but also helps avoid unnecessary fines and inconveniences your organization could face in case of non-compliance.

Why us?

We provide a team of highly experienced internal audit professionals who perform their duties with a high level of vigor and commitment to excellence.  Our internal auditors are experienced in dealing with organizations of all statures and can personally tailor their audits to the needs of your company. Apart from this, we are known to have excellent customer support unlike any other accounting firm out there. All of this is possible through our unmistakable systematic approach comprising of detailed evaluations and an immaculate follow up procedure which ensures a thorough assessment of risks with modern solutions. It’s because of these reasons why we are the best choice for all your accounting needs.


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