Due Diligence Audit

In the case of a potential merger or a decision to make an investment into a company, it would be a wise decision to have a due diligence audit conducted on the company under consideration. What is a due diligence audit? To put it simply, it is a procedure which lets you know whether the company under review is a worthy investment option or not. In most cases, you can establish a deadline by which you can terminate a contract if your due diligence finds something off during the auditing process. Needless to say, this can save you a lot of time and money. Our team of highly experienced auditors have adopted a thorough approach by which they analyze all aspects of a company’s operations. 

As a result, we are able to provide investors as well as the companies under review a clear cut picture of the organization, factoring in a company’s sustainable income, it’s financial trends (profit and loss) and operating costs. This assures investors that the company under review has presented them with a truthful view of company performance and that the organization is not associated with any illegal practices. It is vital that a due diligence is carried out by accountants experienced in mergers and acquisitions. Our firm understands this fact and provides companies like yours with the best chartered accountants in the UAE, with priceless experience in due diligence auditing. We provide a thorough follow up procedure to address any inquires you might face when making a tough decision and offer our relentless support. 

We have helped innumerable companies take charge and acquire companies that have proved to be of substantial benefit. Our thorough analysis gets to the bottom of important questions like “why is the company selling?” or “have they tried selling it before?” and “what is the market perception on this company?”. Based on our findings, we tailor a solution just for you keeping in mind, all the factors that affect your company. It is through this extensive process that we are able to make sure that you make the best investment decision possible.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was one of the first countries in the world to implement VAT Registration. According to this narrative, businesses have to record their financial transactions at each stage of their product development, from production to deployment for sales. Our accounting firm is specialized in calculating this sort of taxation with the utmost precision for a company of any size, producing any product. VAT Registration In Dubai specialize in UAE VAT, providing tax solutions to various companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other states, our services extend to nearly all countries employing this taxation policy. We can assist your company in any inquiry related to VAT including VAT registration along with verification, VAT number, VAT return (both online and offline solutions provided), the total VAT payable and VAT refund. We have ensured that all our practices and results are in compliance with GCC standards, guaranteeing full conformity to legal policies. 

Our team of highly experienced VAT Refund Dubai taxation consultants have an extensive knowledgebase of VAT applicable on a wide variety of products and services. With technology on the rise, we have seen innumerable businesses being established, offering products and services on the internet. VAT In UAE have made sure to have kept ourselves educated with this trend, and as a result offer extensive VAT services to online businesses. Moreover, we provide comprehensive bookkeeping services to companies, in the form of both offline and online book keeping. Our firm is one of the best online book keeping providers in the UAE. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of other online solutions such as online VAT registration and online VAT Return. 

Many businesses do not have a complete understanding of VAT and as a result find themselves at risk of wrongfully evaluating their product worth, which can prove to be catastrophic. Moreover, Federal authorities in the UAE as well as other countries have full autonomy to take any company under consideration and perform a rigorous evaluation of their finances to check for irregularities and compliance with government standards. Our team can help your company avoid such difficulties by ensuring that your company is fully compliant with all such laws and regulations.


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